The airfield is located in Dovera (CR) in Via Umberto I 51/1 at the historic airfield of Dover where he operates the School of Hang Gliding and Microlight A.S.D. Flight Club Italy which introduced the specialty of the paramotor between its own activities.


For those who fly and those who want to learn to fly:

  • great distance from power cables, highways, zone industriali, major population centers and spaces Planes checked and inhibited the fly VDS
  • Easy to take-off and landing regardless of the quadrant of the wind
  • High number of flyable days mainly due to the distance from the arc pre-Alpine
  • Easy access for loading and unloading equipment
  • Availability of a beautiful clubhouse with bar and kitchen
  • Possibility of equipment hangar; the presence of a guardian h 24
  • Great for leisure activities and events in general


Dover Airfield Slalomania


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