With regard to transfers in Italy believe we get everyone to agree to the hinterland as a destination offering preferential; We have a small house owned by the town of Roccalbegna (Grosseto) with several beds over the possibility of camping. The airfield is located 700 m and is outside the spaces Controlled Airplanes. In the immediate vicinane lies the village of Stibugliano where there is a beautiful site of Free Flight from which it is also possible to fly a paramotor
At about 1 hour drive you can reach the airfield of Scarborough and the airfield to fly over the sea of ​​the Argentario.



A Djerba, at any time of the year, you fly a paramotor. Tunisia since 2013 has its first paramotor instructor; it friend Tarek Basly that at the aerodrome of Djerba practicing his profession in partnership with Adventure. Here you can organize trips for the whole family staying in a local village and taking off for flights directly from the aerodrome or you can arrange tours by jeep and engine guards in tow. The assistance is provided by the instructor in addition to being a connoisseur of local places and dell'aerologia speaks perfect Italian, French, English and Arabic.
The selection course provides the opportunity to transport their paramotor however Tarek also offers the possibility to rent the paramotor Adventure, a truly remarkable service that allows you to travel light, carrying only the sail!
You do not need a minimum number of participants



At our latitudes never get news of this wonderful place, that is enough to ignite the curiosity, Mongolia is a country waiting to be discovered. In collaboration with Iperboreus Travel We organize tour from the capital Ulan Bator is spingno in the Mongolian steppe and the Gobi desert. E’ a journey that requires careful planning and a minimum number of participants. E’ a wonderful journey

In flight over the Gobi desert